Helensville library has identified users trying to write CV’s, but with limited skills to do so on the library computers. Without a CV, no registration for work with WINZ.
Dr Jens Hansen, of South Kaipara Men’s Trust, took up the need for an adult literacy program. He has the support of Holly Southernwood (021 488 427) to ‘make it happen’. Jens, himself an academic, is currently on a year’s leave overseas and has taken on Frank Veacock to man the Men’s Centre at Alison McKenzie house, Thursdays and Fridays. Frank has training in adult literacy and will lead the program. A major FIND is Tony Morrison, a relative newcomer to Helensville, yet long time colleague of Jens. Tony has retired from an academic career at Auckland University, focused on adult education. He is available to train tutors. Tony’s partner, Rhiannon Herrick, is a professional business document writer, including CV’s, and is willing to teach that skill.
With that line up of expertise, we now need VOLUNTEERS TO TRAIN AS TUTORS. If you can read and write readily, how exciting would it be to see someone else gain that ability? For some, just to be able to read simple stories to children or grandchildren would change lives.
The program will be run on a one on one discreet basis out of the Alison McKenzie house counselling facilities, and all training is likely to be held there. All courses will be free of charge.
Any donations towards this project would be most appreciated. South Kaipara Men’s Trust, Frank Veacock, 09 420 8263.

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