What is Harbour Sport Green Prescription?

What is Harbour Sport Green Prescription?
The Green Prescription programme is a free, 3-month health support service. The  programme is designed to increase physical activity and improve the nutrition of adults  aged 18 years and over. We do this through means of exercise, nutrition and education.
In 2023, the Green Prescription team will be bringing our face-to-face consultations to  Helensville. You can meet with one of our Healthy Lifestyle Advisors (HLA’s) at  Helensville District Health Trust, on the first Thursday of every month (beginning February 9th, 2023.)
What can you expect from Green Prescription?
Our team of ‘Healthy Lifestyle Advisors’ are there to support you throughout your healthy  lifestyle journey. An HLA can help you set goals and recommend ‘where to start’ when  making the first steps toward your goal. Throughout the programme, your HLA will check  in with you and provide you with motivation, support and general education to keep you  on track.
A Green Prescription card gives you access to free face-to-face consultations, a range of gym discounts, free exercise classes, as well as free nutritional support from our  Registered Associate Nutritionist. Our gym discounts cover a wide range of different activities, whether you’re looking to join the Green Prescription Aqua Aerobics  class at Parakai Springs, join a Women’s only fitness class or find an appropriate class to  do from the comfort of your own home, the Green Prescription team can assist you in finding something you’ll enjoy.
How do I get started, and is there a criterion?
There are different ways to join Green Prescription. You can go to our website www.activeforlife.co.nz and click on the “refer yourself” button or, request a referral from  your GP or health professional.
The eligibility criteria for the programme are straightforward:
• Aged 18+
• Currently inactive
• Cleared by a GP or health professional if you have an existing medical condition
• Ready to make a healthy lifestyle change!
For more information, email grx@harboursport.co.nz or call us
on 09 415 4657

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