“What Now” Comes to Helensville

If you were able to attend this amazing morning on Sunday, you would have felt the wonderful spirit of this community coming together to celebrate all that Helensville is. Young and old alike joined in activities, cheered each other on and generally had a ball. It was a once in a lifetime experience for many of our students and something they will be able to reminisce about with friends in years to come. A special call out to Miss Mill for taking one for the Team in the Gunge Chair.
The What Now Team were a slick operation and everything appeared to flow seamlessly. I had the privilege of talking with Chris, Vanz and Erin at the end of the day and they were buzzing about our kids. I received an email from one of the talent crew who said, “I just wanted to congratulate you on a simply awesome local crowd at yesterday’s show at your place. They were super vocal and fun and the entire broadcast rated through the roof!” Helensville Rocks!
One of the focuses on the day was how we contribute to our communities as volunteers. How encouraging was it to hear our kids talk about what they do; librarians, road patrollers, lifesavers, charity collectors, the list goes on.
This week is National Volunteer Week and celebrates the collective contribution of the 1.2 million volunteers who enrich Aotearoa New Zealand. The theme is “Whiria te tangata – weaving the people together”. I would say this is something we do so well at Helensville with all the community who support us; our PATHS Team, Board of Trustees, reading support helpers in the staffroom, coaches, breakfast club providers, working bee contributors, just to name a few. Thank you all for your valuable contributions we couldn’t achieve all we do without you.
Deborah Heasman
Principal Helensville Primary School

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