What the month of February means to me

by Noah Everard, Year 13 Student, Kaipara College

As February drifts by like a summer breeze, I am yet again called to my duties. With my hands outstretched on the keyboard, I begin to recall the recent events and what jubilation they have brought to the stunted month of February.  February, although the shortest of the months, never ceases to be abundant with long days of sun, perfect for seasonal events built on the vibrance of summer.

With my friends at the Holi Festival

On the 11th I had the pleasure of attending the Holi festival, at the Krishna Temple in Riverhead. The day was colourful and warm, with every attendee being graced with a dash or dollop of bright colour. To be unstained was an abnormal look, fixed only by the smiling stranger, greeting you with a coat of colour on arrival.

Soon after on the 14th, the heart of Valentines began to beat. Pumping Kaipara College with tender ambition to celebrate the day of Love. Kaipara College’s PSSP (Peer Sexuality Support Programme) team organised a chocolate heart stand, where every awkward teenager could muster up the courage to buy their crush or lover a $1 chocolate heart. And of course an option to be an anonymous sender was included.

However, one could not yap about February without mentioning the passing of Waitangi Day. The founding document of the country we live in, heralding a quantity of significance which rightly demands respect. Te Tiriti o Waitangi laid the groundwork for a partnership between Maori and the crown to grow. Although, in past years the dismissal of the Treaty’s values and its total lack of influence in our society has led to the birth of disparities within our country, affecting both groups and individuals. Nevertheless, the Treaty’s regained recognition and celebration amongst schools and communities, is a step towards integrating a conscious appreciation of the Treaty’s values and the equality it radiates.

Whilst still being  in the spirit of celebration, the arrival of Helensville’s A&P show is creeping around the corner. At Least while I write this. Almost running for 120 years, the A&P show has been the iconic event of Helensville. Acting as the centre of trade and display of arts, crafts and agricultural success. Ever since I was 5 I would always ask my parents the same question, “When is the A&P show?”, due to the vibrance it generated and the sense of community it developed. I look forward to attending, with fingers crossed for a blessing of good weather. Without further ado, I want to thank the month of February for the warm memories it has so generously gifted me, and furnishing this year to a good start.

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