What;s been going on in Kaipara College?

The winners of the pet selfie competition

Kaipara College students manning the rubbish bins at the Helensville A&P show

On February 27th, a group of students ranging from year 9-13 helped at the Helensville A&P show. Most student volunteers were based beside the rubbish bins around the showground, making sure that people put their rubbish in the right ones. A few of us stayed in the Kaipara College tent, where we greeted members of the community. Other students helped to prepare food with the Lions club. One of our Year thirteen bands, Selohrae, did an awesome performance on the main stage for two sets. A tired group of students returned home that afternoon. This turned out to be our last day of freedom for a little while.
Over the subsequent lockdown, the Year 13 student leaders held competitions on our Kaipara College student Instagram page (@kaiparastudentpage). Our first competition was pet selfies. Students entered photos with animals ranging from cats, cows and chickens to sheep, dogs and deer. It was really cool to see all of the entries and livened up the lockdown. Our next competition was dress up. Students rummaged around in their closets for old dress up clothes and posted photos. For our final competition, we help a food photography competition. Some students posted baking they had done, while others posted some of their meals that day.
It was a huge relief to be back at school again the next week. We held our breaths over the next weeks, and were relieved to have a few full weeks of learning after a very jolty start to the year.
The student leaders have also been busy on Wednesday mornings before school. On a Wednesday, school only starts at 9:30, but most buses still arrive before 8:45. Seeing as many students were bored during this time, we started running activities on the quad.
We started off with chalk drawings for innovation week. The student leaders were armed with our PRIDE card rewards to give to participants. The next week was St. Patrick’s Day, so we celebrated with Irish music and themed chalk drawings. We were really impressed with some of these drawings. The latest activity at the time of writing was Jump Jam. We had a large group of very energetic students who joined in dancing with the student leaders.
We are excited about what comes next!

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