What’s in a name

My Parents would’ve loved to be alive in this era of personalized plates, especially my Dad who named most of his cars!
It amused him when we first put a name to our house and like me I don’t think he realized the significance of it right away.
You see I remember it well, it had taken Hubby 18months to build a road front picket fence so as soon as he hammered in the last nail I was waiting in the wings with a Brush and pot of white paint.
When finished, it completed the picture of our white house with a white picket fence (I was in satisfaction mode when I finished off painting the brown letter box white too) stepping back and surveying it all I decided for no particular reason to go get some black paint and write “The White House” on the letter box.
Yup you bet – it wasn’t until the jeers started rolling in about Hubby being the President and me the First Lady that I realized what I’d done.
We named our houses along the way after that, when we moved country we bought a house that had taps that turned backwards, we bought sheep (Dorper breed) that had fur not wool and our Dogs had wool not hair (Bichon Frise Breed) so the kids nick named our home “The Twilight Zone”
Then just before we moved to a house already known as “The Harris’s old Farm” we named our home Ruishton Cottage after a village in England where Hubbies Family had come from.
I’d love to hear from anyone that has named their house and why?
Larraine Buswell, Ruishton Cottage.

ED: If you have a story on how your house got its name, visit our facebook page and share with our community. The best contributions will be published in future issues of The Helensville Community News.

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