Winners of Helensville Christmas Festival Colouring Competition



1st            Emma Brown                  Parakai Kindergarten

2nd           Tiara Alex                        Parakai Kindergarten

3rd            Piper Menhinick             Parakai Kindergarten

4th            Zarya Biggelaar              Gumboots

5yr olds

1st            Bella Harrison               Parakai Primary

2nd           Ethan Kelly                    Waioneke Primary

3rd            Mica Newton                  Parakai Primary

4th            Eli Scott                           Helensville Primary

6yr olds

1st            Ayesha Jackson              Waioneke Primary

2nd           Alina Hatz                        Waioneke Primary

3rd            Sadie Hill Hobbs             Parakai Primary

4th            Sophie Wood                     Waioneke

7yr olds

1st            Sara Flowers                  Helensville Primary

2nd           Jayd Heke                       Parakai Primary

3rd            Raya Sorsey (Rm6)       Helensville Primary

4th            Tara Barrett                    Parakai Primary

8yr olds

1st            Allegra Collins                    Helensville Primary

2nd           Bella Cornelius                   Helensville Primary

3rd            Honney Murray                Helensville Primary

& Benjamin Harvey           Kaukapakapa Primary

9yr olds

1st            Monica Rose Flay                Parakai Primary

2nd           Braydon Gelderman         Helensville Primary

3rd            Hawaiki Moore                    Parakai Primary

4th            Renay Ryder                     Parakai Primary


10yr olds

1st                Annaliese Harvey      Kaukapakapa Primary

2nd           Noah Valk                        Helensville Primary

3rd            John Belton                     Parakai Primary

4th            Georgea Gray                  Parakai Primary

11yr olds

1st                Ashleigh Edlington         Helensville Primary

2nd           Varnya Pryor                      Helensville Primary

3rd            Isabella Angus                    Helensville Primary

4th            Chloe Tilson                     Helensville Primary

& Jak Sione                      Kaukapakapa Primary

12 yr olds

1st            Jessica Coe                         Helensville Primary

2nd           Samara Flay                        Parakai Primary

3rd           Charlotte Harvey                Kaukapakapa Primary

4th            Holly Limmer                   Helensville Primary

13yr olds

1st            Amy Fisher                     Helensville Primary

2nd           Megan Cook                       Helensville Primary

3rd            Aranee Logan                     Parakai Primary

4th            James Larsen                    Helensville Primary

A special Thank you to Allsorts for the prizes given

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