Year of 2018 Summary – Helensville Floral Art Club


Invitation to new members for 2019
The Helensville Floral Art Club year begins in February with the AGM meeting, often at one of our members’ homes.
Currently our Club has 20 members with 5 new ladies joining us in 2017/18
Our monthly meeting is the third Thursday of each month. We meet in the Kowhai Street, Masonic Lodge Hall. Every member brings a plate for a shared lunch and an item to sell on our trading table. There is always a monthly raffle.
The annual subscription is $40 per member.
Visitors are invited to club days @ $2 per person.
A newsletter is emailed out, to each member informing them of an upcoming workshop or competition for the month. This advises them of materials and accessories they may use in their designs.
The club hostess for the month invites a judge (on competition days) from a nearby floral art club, to assess and give points for designs made on the day. These add up to a trophy, which is presented to the winner of the most points at the end of the year.
The classes that get judged are as follows: Novice, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, and Platinum.
Our floral art year , from February to December 2018 consisted of Titles as follows:
* Weddings
* Green (St Patricks Day)
* Anzac Traditional Wreaths
* Wild Wintry Winds
* Topiary
* Bonsai
* Floral Wall Hanging
* Spring
* Hat or Fascinator to wear to The Melbourne Cup
* Arrangements for your Christmas Table
* And always in December, a Christmas Party at a member’s home. (This year we all went to Matamata by bus)
So you can see the variety we have in our designs, and although we all get the same Title to work with the difference in everyone’s work is incredible, very creative and stunning!!!!
If you have a desire to work with flowers, but never had the chance, join us!! Learn the basics of flowers arranging and designing, You will be amazed at what you can do !!
Contact people for further info are: Cushla Hawkes 0212588979 and Jan Backhurst 0211670086

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