You control your Health Information

Who needs my health information?
Health professionals often need a lot of information to give you the right health care.
But you have control over who can get information about your health.
If you’re unsure why your health professional is asking particular questions, ask them to explain. They’ll be able to tell you why they need that information and what they’re going to do with it.
If you don’t understand, ask them to repeat what you’ve said.
It can be useful to take a support person to appointments with you, to hear what’s said and remember what happened.
Can I ask to see my hospital or doctor’s records?
You can ask to see any information your health professionals have about you. It’s usually free, but you might have to pay for copies of expensive items like x-rays.
If you think your health information is wrongly recorded, ask for a correction to be put on your file so your views will be considered.
What information can my family get?
Whatever your age, family support is often very important for your health. Also, family often worry if they don’t know what’s going on.
Tell health professionals and family what support you want and what information you’re happy to share. The choice is yours. If you don’t want health information to be shared, let them know.
Concerned about your privacy?
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