Young Farmer of the year Riley Sylvester

Riley Sylvester Wins RD1 Young Farmer of the Year at Helensville A & P Show

Riley with Poppa and Dad

Riley with Poppa and Mum

Riley Sylvester, an 11 year old student from Waitoki Primary School, emerged victorious as the RD1 Young Farmer of the Year at the 120th Helensville A & P Show. The competition, which showcased the agricultural prowess and knowledge of young participants, saw Riley outshine the competition with his impressive skills and dedication.

The judging criteria were diverse, reflecting the multifaceted nature of farming life.

Building a fence

Participants were tested on various tasks, ranging from practical skills to theoretical knowledge. The competition included challenges such as dressing in a farmer’s costume, building a wall, herding sheep (which cleverly incorporated mathematical principles), identifying sheep breeds and cuts of meat, mastering pastry making, constructing a wire fence, milking a cow, and delivering

Giving a speech

a speech about wool.

Riley’s success highlights his exceptional talent and commitment to the agricultural industry. His ability to excel in a wide range of tasks demonstrates not only his practical skills but also his deep understanding of farming practices and principles. Moreover, his victory serves as an inspiration to young farmers everywhere,

Milking a cow

showcasing the potential for youth to make significant contributions to the agricultural sector and  exemplifies the bright future of farming in New Zealand.

Congratulations to Riley on this well-deserved win!

Marking pastry

Herding Sheep

Sheep Breeds & cuts of meat






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