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10 year budget 2018 - 2028

Decisions made regarding funding for local board projects:
! The local board’s key advocacy project (One Local Initiative) for an indoor court in Huapai will be progressed, with $22.4 million earmarked for allocation following completion of any necessary pre-work or business cases which will begin this year.
! An additional $10 million of funding per year for the local boards’ transport capital fund (in the Regional Land Transport Plan).
The majority of local responses (70 per cent) were in support of the Rodney Local Board’s priorities, either partially or in full. Following feedback, the Rodney Local Board will:
! Allocate a total of $290,000 to continuation of the Healthy Harbours fund, which contributes up to 50 per cent of the cost for landowners to undertake riparian (riverbank) planting and build stock proof fencing to protect our harbours and waterways
! Grant $150,000 to the Mahurangi Sports and Recreation Collective as a contribution towards the design of the next stage of the multisport building on Warkworth Showgrounds
! Allocate $55,000 to the development of a master plan for the future reserve at Green      Road, Dairy Flat
! Allocate $80,000 to the development of an open space management plan for reserves across Rodney
! Continue to support and fund community-led town centre improvements, with Warkworth and Helensville receiving funding to undertake detailed designs this year
! Deliver a number of public transport, footpath and park and ride projects through the introduction of a transport targeted rate.
Hard copies of all documentation will be distributed on 31 July 2018, and made available at your local library, service centre or local board office by early August or you can request a hard copy by emailing:

Plans for Enhancing Helensville Township
Community “POP IN” Session
Saturday 8 September 2018 10am – 1pm
Helensville War Memorial Hall

Over the last couple of years the community has been asked what they think would make Helensville an even better place to live. Improving the quality of the main street has consistently been identified as a priority. People have talked of the need for an improved look and feel in the town - more trees and street planting, better connections with the river, shops needing to look more loved, revitalising the retail strip.
Based on this feedback, the North West Country Business Association arranged for draft concept plans to be drawn up that provide for new street trees and vegetation pockets, hanging baskets, upgraded seating, better pedestrian spaces and improved connections with the river.
If you would like to have a look at these concept plans and either comment on these or have some input into the next stage of the process, which will be the detailed design phase, please come along to the Community “Pop In” Session.
This is an exciting opportunity for the local community to see their ideas coming to fruition and influence what happens next.

For further information contact either:
Sue Dodds (Auckland Council) phone: 021 863 326, email: or Geraldine Bayly (Kaipara Coast Landscape Architecture) phone: 021 475 222, email:

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