Christian Art Fest exhibitor Cindy Vida

Cindy describes herself essentially as a story-teller, telling her personal story through painting, songwriting, the spoken and written word. She finds all these creative practices intertwine into one. God meeting her in her darkest of places and speaking through nature.
Her latest works reflect a transitional time, coming though a wintering season of her soul and into a new dawn, seeing a beauty in the negative spaces of a wintering tree. Seeing light hitting the land as darkness fades and knowing that she is never alone. Included are lyrics that emerge simultaneously to form a story…a story of hope.
Come along and meet Cindy and the other exhibitors at the opening of the Christian Art Fest in the Lighthouse, 118 Commercial Road, on Friday 27th November 6-8pm.
If you are a Christian who would like to exhibit your work, which doesn’t have to have a religious content, then please bring it to the Lighthouse between 3 and 7pm on Wednesday 24th November with your exhibitor fee of $5 for one piece, $3 each for two or more. Exhibition will run 10-4 Saturday 27th, 1-4 Sunday 28th and 10-4 Monday 29th November. For more information contact Pauline

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