I’m looking for “Good Sorts”

If you know any “Good Sorts” let me know so I can tell them how much they are appreciated.  Send your stories to helensville@copyandprint.co.nz and we will tell the whole community next month.  Brian Hale

 I want to propose Michael Lin who runs the dairy in Kaukapakapa.

As well as being a hub of the village and having a shop that has TARDIS like dimensions, as everything always seems to be available, no matter how random (dress making scissors!) or in demand (candles during Cyclone Gabrielle), Michael is an invaluable source of information on all things local.

During the recent cyclones and storms he was open and welcoming to all, with generators for charging phones etc, even when his own power was down.

The free book exchange outside the shops is also a lovely touch.

Just the perfect local shop.

Stuart & Chris

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