Poems after dark fundraiser for St. John Ambulance Helensville

A capacity audience at the Old BNZ was treated to an evening of funny, moving and always entertaining poems and stories. But it was so much more than that. Where else could you really laugh at some of the offerings one minute and the next feel the nostalgic longings for times past.
Cliff Wright with his homemade Scandinavian dulcimer did a wonderful song about lost love. The comment from one of the audience after, “ That’s the first time I’ve heard a love song about someone called Deirdre”.
Poor Myra Lloyd’s story about a child plunging into their own painting was interrupted by one of the banks dogs howling when the little girl in the story said she was lonely. Laughter all round.

Myra Lloyd in full swing

Tora Mckenzie, with a confronting poem about Helensville interspersed with Mongolian throat singing.
Too many excellent performers to name them all but special mention must be made of Pauline Denton. She along with Hannah Rose Arnold were the founders of this bi-monthly event. Pauline is a genuinely very funny person. Her work reflecting an NZ twist on Pam Ayres.
These evenings need to be supported and treasured as a Helensville institution full of local characters.
The next Poems After Dark will be on the Saturday of Labour Weekend during that other very successful Helensville event ARTS IN THE VILLE. So do yourself a favour and go along, perform or just sit back and enjoy.
6-8pm, Magnify Church Cafe, 118 Commercial Road. $5 cover charge. Bring a plate.
The proceeds from three raffles added to the money collected at the door, totalling $460 for St. John Ambulance Helensville.
William Robert Boyd

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