Te Awaroa Residents & Ratepayers Association

Te Awaroa Residents & Ratepayers Association was included in a long list of community organisations recognised by Rodney Local Board at an afternoon tea held at Coatesville Hall on 14th May. Irene Hogan and Holly Southernwood attended to receive the certificate awarded to recognise the volunteer efforts of TARRA. The guest speaker was ‘New Zealand’s batman’ Ben Paris and the presentation about New Zealand bats and the research and location identification being undertaken by Auckland Council to prevent their becoming extinct was surprising. Did you know that these tiny creatures are the best pollinators? Ben Paris can be contacted on 021 243 4486.
It was an opportunity to network with other ratepayer groups and connect with many familiar faces. It was great to see some younger people among the crowd, but communities are so dependent on the continuing service of the many older volunteers. Helensville desperately needs some fresh, youthful volunteers.
Looking for some community involvement? Call me on 02148827 or email tarrassoc@gmail.com. I will provide some options according to your interests. I recently recommended volunteering at the Helensville Museum to someone keen on gardening.
Holly Southernwood Chair of TARRA

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