Women’s Institute alive and well in Helensville

October saw the first Women’s Institute (WI) Awareness week in New Zealand. You may have noticed the displays in the windows of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Copy & Print. The Helensville WI thank these premises for the opportunity to share the word about their organisation.
Helensville WI took the opportunity to brighten people’s days by leaving Lonely Bouquets around, much to the delight of the recipients.  The library’s school holiday theme of ‘Time Turner’ fitted in well with WI’s ongoing project of Teach a Skill. Members taught children and adults how to make peg dolls, churn butter (thanks Helensville Museum for the loan of your churn), knit, and crochet.
Why WI? 
Mission statement: to encourage and support all women within their communities.
What we do:
  • ! Offer friendship and fun
  • ! Travel and walking groups
  • ! Get involved with our local community
  • ! Encourage leadership
  • ! Teach and share homemaking skills
  • ! Provide opportunities for members to be involved in choral, drama, floral art, all types of handcraft and writing
  • ! Help others
  • We are the largest women’s organisation in New Zealand. We began in 1921 and have remained relevant for women in town and country communities since then.
Following on from the WI Awareness week coverage, Helensville WI would like to continue with the ongoing WI theme of Share the Friendship by starting a Night Circle. Details, as to day of the week, times, and venue, are to be confirmed once we have interest.
  • ! Do you want to make new friends?
  • ! Do you want learn new skills?
  • ! Do you want to share your skills?
  • ! Do you want to help in our community?
  • Contact the Auckland West Federation of WI to register your interest.
Facebook: facebook.com/AWFWI
Anne Coppell
Member of Auckland West Federation WI executive committee member, on behalf of Helensville WI

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