Great things are happening at Beauty Elixir & Melissa Carr Cosmetic Tattooing with news you want to hear!

The History
About 2 years ago Melissa Carr was brainstorming the development and creation of a new business venture in Helensville. Melissa had fast outgrown her small home business and was considering her choices, should she back off and stay small or flex her entrepreneurial muscle into a commercial premises?With a lump in her throat and a nervous tickle in her tummy Melissa decided,in for a penny, in for a pound and committed to creating Beauty Elixir with Melissa Carr Cosmetic Tattooing - a beauty clinic catering for all beauty needs along with Melissa’s specialty - Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing.
Success is never guaranteed but with the determination to see it through Melissa worked hard to make sure Beauty Elixir started well and continued to grow. “It wasn’t long before I was knee deep in clients and needed a hand” Melissa say’s “and happily a good friend Maria was just the person to help” Maria is a qualified Beauty Therapist who was ready for the challenge and fitted right in with Melissa.
Maria reflects “It was a no brainer for me, I know Melissa and I had watched her journey and was excited to be joining her doing what I love.” Both Ladies are popular therapists.
The Next Chapter…
Melissa is always looking to upskill and has undergone several international cosmetic tattoo trainings resulting in her now being busier than ever helping people with simple eyebrow beautification, scalp micro pigmentation right through to post medical treatments like 3D areola recreation after breast reconstruction surgery - this is truly her passion and with gaining so much popularity had to ask one of the hardest questions she’s had to ask herself - “Do I want to sell Beauty Elixir to continue with my passion”? Although a hard question to face - the answer was a surprisingly simple “Yes”. This decision will allow me to continue to develop and focus on my Cosmetic Tattooing business and allow Beauty Elixir to grow further, thus it was decided, and who better to offer the opportunity to than Maria!
Maria reflects - “I was thrilled when Melissa offered me the opportunity to buy Beauty Elixir - I didn’t sleep a wink for a few days with excitement lol” She adds “I found making the decision to buy Beauty Elixir a nervous but very easy one as I have a passion and dedication to our clients and helping them with all their beauty needs.” Maria can now announce she is the proud new owner of Beauty Elixir Helensville!
Beauty Elixir clients absolutely love Maria and always leave very happy and looking forward to their next visit. Melissa says, “I’m thrilled to have Maria taking over the reins and our clients as always are in excellent hands and I know that won’t change with her ownership”
Beauty Elixir ownership has changed to Maria with Melissa still owning Melissa Carr Cosmetic Tattooing - both will be working together at the same premises same as always. Melissa’s focus is in her advanced tattooing services and Maria has plans to expand the beauty services in the future! “Essentially for our clients it’s business as usual”.
“We’re excited about the change and the future and we know our clients will be too. We’re planning some fun promotions and incentives for people to celebrate the change so we’d love you stay up to date to get the latest offers and treats”. To begin, Maria invites you to like her new Facebook Page at Elixir Helensville with Melissa Carr Cosmetic Tattooing , her first offer is every new page “LIKE & Share” in June goes into the draw to win a $200 Beauty Elixir beauty hamper - now that’s worth a ‘LIKE and a Share’ in anyone’s book!
Beauty Elixir with Melissa Car Cosmetic Tattooing at 81 Commercial Road, Helensville ph 09 420 9775 or 021 187 2661.

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